Company Profile

The company AGRIMEX Vestec Inc. was found in 1995 and in 2017 became a part of Hamé, a leading food manufacturing company. During the first few years of operation AGRIMEX ran its activity at the site “Jahodárny“ in Vestec u Prahy. It is the name of the town which forms the epithet of the company’s name. Right from the beginning AGRIMEX was engaged in trade with frozen food, especially deep-frozen fruits, vegetables and vegetable mixtures.

During the first few years of AGRIMEX operation in the market we decided to launch out our own trademark in the segment of deep-frozen fruits and vegetables designed for retail market as well as for gastronomy segment. Our activity in the Czech market is done through specialised wholesales, distribution to the customers and also through distribution to the main department-stores networks.

In 2000 AGRIMEX has been transformed from Public limited company to Incorporation. With the rise of sales of its own products AGRIMEX began to hire warehouses in different locations of the Czech Republic which proved economically disadvantageous over time. Because the aim of the owners of the company is to operate in the market with frozen food on a long-term basis it was decided to build a brand new self-owned grounds in 2004. This would guarantee sufficient production capacities, storage room, logistic and administrative grounds.

In February 2006 AGRIMEX moved to the most modern frozen-food production and storage site in the Czech Republic located in Panenské Břežany (in the north of Prague, next to the highway heading to Teplice). The lay-out and division of the operating premises of the site – fulfilling pretentious rules and regulations of the Czech and EU administrative bodies – ensures achieving high standards of storage, production and manipulation with frozen food.

Due to the production technology installed, AGRIMEX is able to produce, pack and repack all types of fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable mixtures and fruit pulps. The packing technology is fitted with highly sensitive metal detectors and control scales. Modern information technology used in storage department has enabled AGRIMEX to monitor the movement of its goods and primary commodities using bar-code scanners even in the freezing stores with the temperature about -22°C (the first to use this technology in the Czech Republic). This information technology also ensures full deducibility and ability to find our products. During the installation of the freezing technology and set-up of the production areas at the new site the impact on the local environment was also taken into account. The cooling medium is fully ecological and the whole system of manipulation with waste water is permanently controlled.